BunnyWatch: Sheep-herding bunny in Sweden

Evidently, Quark isn’t the only place experiencing some precocious lapine activity–check out this video of Champis the sheep-herding bunny, which we discovered via a Seattle PI article. Makes you wonder what our bunnies will get up to next! (By the way, Security has searched for Darla’s wallet, to no avail. We continue to advise folks to use caution when entering the east side of the gym.)

This is part of our ongoing BunnyWatch series. To read previous BunnyWatch entries, visit:

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About Dolly Doggerson

Dolly is a dog trainer and caregiver at Patty's Pet Place in Vancouver, Washington. She has 10 years of experience as a dog trainer and has served as an advisor to the Vancouver Police Department's K-9 Unit. Dolly is an advocate for rescued dogs, volunteering on a weekly basis at Southwest Washington Humane Society. In her off time, Dolly enjoys hanging out with her Dalmation, Polka; her cat, Fluffy; and her pet owl, Hedwig.

2 responses to “BunnyWatch: Sheep-herding bunny in Sweden”

  1. Lorelle VanFossen says :

    Wow! I’ve had to share this video with some animal fanatic friends of mine! This is brilliant.

    As a new teacher at the college, I am starting to feel like that rabbit, or more like the dog watching the rabbit do my job. LOL!

  2. John says :

    It looks like the smallest rules the farm.

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