Owl Hoots: Back from Oslo, and better than ever!

Prof Einstein

Prof. Albert Einstein

We’re happy to report that Prof. Al Einstein has returned from his recent jaunt to Oslo with his Nobel safely tucked into his carry-on. Einstein has yet to decide where he will display it. In his office would be the natural choice, but as many of us have realized over the years, if you leave anything within easy reach of our dear ol’ physics prof, he will eventually scribble some obscure formula all over it. President Bishop was adamant that the prize–the most prestigious a Quark faculty member has ever received–remain in pristine condition.

Einstein agreed with this condition. “I still haven’t found that MacArthur Genius Award they gave me five years ago,” he admitted. “And really, I owe my success to this wonderful educational institution as much as I do to my own cognitive functioning, such as it is. The college should feel that this prize belongs to everyone here. Also, I prefer to keep my walls free of things that are difficult to write on.” That’s our Al!


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One response to “Owl Hoots: Back from Oslo, and better than ever!”

  1. Lorelle VanFossen says :

    LOL! That’s brilliant. My mother used to cover her office walls from top to bottom with all her awards until one day I looked at it and realized she’d created a “Love me” wall. It wasn’t so much about her as it was to impress others. I let it go a while longer until she was covering her shelves and there was no more wall space then we had a little talk, as too much of anything is just too much. She finally relented and chose her top four awards, the most prestigious and had them reframed so they were beautiful on the walls and very professional and classy.

    Three months later they were crowded with some of the old and new awards and I realized that maybe it wasn’t about impressing people as proving to herself that she was worthy. I left her alone with them after that as there is no fixing that one, but it made me think about my own “love me” walls and world. A good lesson there, as is this fun take on all the prices that Einstein got.

    Well done!

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