Owl Hoots: Professor Einstein wins Nobel Prize

Lots of books

Some of the books Prof. Einstein has written, or possibly read


Al definitely deserves some Owl Love!

Al with pals

Prof. Einstein with a bunch of guys in Oslo, just before getting what we're told is a pretty important prize. Way to go, Al!

Many of us at Quark have long admired Prof. Albert Einstein for his keen mind and groundbreaking research (if not for his, er, unorthodox fashion sense). But now our admiration is confirmed by none other than the Nobel Prize Committee of Oslo. Way to go, Al! We hear the prize comes with a substantial cash bonus, so hopefully he’ll finally be able to buy some socks.


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One response to “Owl Hoots: Professor Einstein wins Nobel Prize”

  1. leiulf says :

    Probably good that they gave the award to him posthumously. Absent-minded Proffessor Einstien reportedly attended public school on at least 2 occasions without wearing any pants.

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