Legislative Update: Governor Gigi wins lottery, shares with colleges

Well, this is an unexpected turn of events. After months–years, even–of threatened 15% across-the-board state budget cuts, Gov. Gigi announced today that she had recently won the Megamillions lottery and was donating her winnings to “the long-suffering community colleges of our fair state.” After taxes, her winnings should total approximately $98.3 million, enough to cover the budget gap at every college in the state without resorting to the previously planned 13% tuition hike.

Pres. Bob Bishop expressed both relief and gratitude for Gigi’s gift. “It really seems like a miracle to have this happen at the eleventh hour,” he said. “Either that, or something a staff member would fantasize about on her lunch break.”



About Dolly Doggerson

Dolly is a dog trainer and caregiver at Patty's Pet Place in Vancouver, Washington. She has 10 years of experience as a dog trainer and has served as an advisor to the Vancouver Police Department's K-9 Unit. Dolly is an advocate for rescued dogs, volunteering on a weekly basis at Southwest Washington Humane Society. In her off time, Dolly enjoys hanging out with her Dalmation, Polka; her cat, Fluffy; and her pet owl, Hedwig.

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