Sandbox redux

I guess I deleted this weeks ago because it was cluttering up the blog, but here it is again. Read More…

Child Theme Assignment: Arrrrrrrrgh

Okay, I have tried this three times this weekend, and I cannot get Instant WordPress to open on my home computer. At work on my relatively new Dell, it opens just fine, but on my ancient MacBook at home–no dice. I’ve tried re-downloading the program, I even tried going into the system file to change the default browser to Firefox (since obviously Internet Explorer isn’t an option), but I couldn’t even get that folder to open properly. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be able to do this until Monday.

Video Post

As part of our most recent class project, we interviewed each other and recorded it on both video and audio equipment in order to learn how to share multimedia content via WordPress. I learned two valuable things: 1) how to post multimedia content, and 2) that I move my head waaaaaaaay too much when I speak.

Audio Post

Happily, you cannot see the wild bobbing of my head in the audio clip that we recorded about why each student decided to choose WordPress.

BunnyWatch: Sheep-herding bunny in Sweden

Evidently, Quark isn’t the only place experiencing some precocious lapine activity–check out this video of Champis the sheep-herding bunny, which we discovered via a Seattle PI article. Makes you wonder what our bunnies will get up to next! (By the way, Security has searched for Darla’s wallet, to no avail. We continue to advise folks to use caution when entering the east side of the gym.)

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More info on Press This

For anyone interested in using Press This, I found

this WordPress Support page to be the most helpful.

Ironically, though, Press This didn’t recognize the embedded video on the page, so I can’t share it here.